Be less intimidating

The NDP and the Greens are adamant for proportional representation; the Liberals and Conservatives as adamant against it.

Or at least, the Tories insist, it must be approved by referendum.

He said the features could help staff that work in different places empathise with each other."What we really care about is getting people talking more.

In a two-minute phone call you can solve more problems than in 50 emails."His app could simplify staff communication the same way that Google's Gmail simplified corporate email, he said.

San Francisco-based Jason Kerr co-founded his fifth company, phone management system Spoke, in 2015 after he saw his staff making increasingly fewer phone calls."The one thing consistent in all my companies, of all sizes, was communication among employees was difficult and phone systems were a pain."His phone app could stop millennials from feeling "aggressive and intimidating" when cold-calling other employees, Kerr said.One, it exposed just how divided the opposition remains, notwithstanding the four-party consensus in favour of a referendum on proportional representation.That, note, was what the majority report recommended: a referendum on PR, not PR itself, with the status quo as the default option — a position that was somewhat at odds with the “supplemental” report the NDP and the Greens immediately attached, suggesting they weren’t as keen on a referendum as all that, or that if there were to be one there should be two models of PR on the ballot and not one.While the chefs had plenty of help preparing the five courses they offered on their inaugural feast on December 6, they are acutely aware of the challenges faced by home chefs in getting seven fish on many plates in one evening.Here they offer the following suggestions for making this feast a little more manageable.1. “Fishmongers are butchers of seafood,” Hudman says. Have them shuck oysters, peel and clean shrimp, de-beard mussels, and the like.”2.

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