Church dating service

The online dating service first ran into problems when Eller tried to trademark the site's logo, according to his New York attorney Sid Rao.

"However, we want much more than a simple dating site.For six months I read through a mountain of books about Mormonism.I learned quite a bit about the history of the Church that I hadn’t known before. Learn More 7/2 - Being Christian in The Modern World: Post Modernity Rev Walt Marcum Watch | Listen | 6/25 - Being Christian in The Modern World: Race and American Christianity Kent Roberts Watch | Listen | Download Join us Sundays at am in Cox Chapel. In Cornerstone you can expect a powerful blend of Biblical teaching, modern praise and worship music, and a casual, friendly environment. Each week we’ll sing traditional hymns and contemporary songs of faith, and take an in-depth look at scripture and practical wisdom for living out our faith today. An extended and in-depth exploration of scripture or core Christian teaching is shared to help participants understand what the scriptures and the teachings of the church meant in their original context and how they might be applied to lives today.

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