Dating steuben glass dating on line and lower mainland

When Carder and Hawkes started the company, the primary focus was colored art glass. purchased the company in 1918, and in the 1930s shifted the focus to making pure lead crystal.Collectors have long sought after the crystal, and presidents have even given it as gifts to visiting heads of state.

This book is illustrated with more than 2800 photographs and line drawings.The change over from "Aurene" to "Steuben Aurene" seems to have taken place about the time Steuben was acquired by Corning Glass in 1917.It should be noted that pieces with an early shape number could have either type of signature depending upon when it was actually made.Steuben was founded in 1903 by renowned English glass master Frederick Carder, who named it for the New York State county where the town of Corning is located.In 1918, Steuben (pronounced with the accent on the last syllable) became part of Corning Glass Works, now Corning Incorporated.

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