Updating nvidia graphics card bios

CAUTION, FLASHING BIOS CAN BRICK YOUR CARD, AND WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY, USE WITH CAUTION!I am not certain that this has been covered before, I tried searching but got no luck.Navigate to “USB” and select the “Plus” symbol to move it to the top of the list.Insert the USB drive into a USB port on your computer. In most computers, this can be accomplished by pressing the “F10” key.Now the original save BIOS is open we can change the Clock speeds, Boot clocks, Voltage, Fan .....I just changed the clock speeds from Core: 700 to 710 , Shader: 1400 to 1460 , Memory: 1150 to1250.You will need to contact your graphics card manufacturer for the latest custom UEFI / video BIOS for your graphics card.

Im not certain if this is a fluke, or an anomaly as myself, and another user had both experienced.

This guide covers the process of upgrading both Nvidia and AMD cards.

In this tutorial I will be using the XFX Black Edition Radeon HD 7970 as an example. Sometimes manufacturers release updates for cards that tweak some stability issues or fix other things.

For example: GTX280 ORIGINAL You see Default Clock, well that is the clock of the bios.

The GPU clock is the clock we get after overclocking or the actual clock at the moment.

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