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is a docu-drama, which follows two boys (John and Mark), addicted to an Internet chat room.

There, they develop a close friendship, meet in real life, and hit it off.

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is an Internet protocol which allows people to communicate with each other in real time in a text based environment, see Wikipedia.

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IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a way for people from all over the world to communicate with each other in real time.

You can learn more about IRC at they have extensive tutorials and information on using this service.

The latest version of the Blind Cafe policies will always be posted at: be advised that this policy may be subject to change without notice.

The below policy applies to our web site, Blind Cafe as well as our chat rooms.

Use of Your Username and Password: When you registered with Blind Cafe, you provided us with a user name and were issued a password.She promises him sex and riches if he passes an initiation test: to kill his friend John.The schoolboy is propelled into a world of espionage; his bland suburban surroundings become a landscape of mystery and intrigue.But what happens next is more shocking and extraordinary than anything you could ever imagine.On the afternoon of July 16 2003, police arrest John for the attempted murder of his best friend Mark. An incredible story emerges of how Mark has been recruited over the web to be a secret service agent by a spy mistress called Janet Dobinson.

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